What is Take 5?

It's the take-out version of Torah classes. Delivered nightly. 


About Take 5

"I want to go to a Torah class but have no time or patience. Plus they're all boring."

Is this you? Take 5 is a great solution. It's a class that arrives to your phone. It's the take-out version of Torah classes. Delivered nightly. It's only 5 minutes and it always packs a punch. Rabbi Lipskier designed the class to be uber convenient, short, yet deep, and meaningful. Plus, did we mention, it's free. Sponsorships welcome, of course. 

The Voice on the Phone


Rabbi Yehuda Lipskier


Rabbi Yehuda Lipskier is a deep-thinking, smart, sharp-witted fellow whose charisma has brought lots of people to his lectures every weekend at the synagogue he runs in NYC. He's also a dad of 5 sons ages 6 to 15, and as of recently a brand new baby girl, whom he manages on his off time alongside his wife. 



"It’s clarity, it’s of interest, it’s knowledgeable, I feel like every time I would hang up I would learn something."

—  Lucy Fielding, Former Real Estate Agent

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